TrüNorth Global™ is the industry leader in Limited Warranties for Commercial Trucks, Construction and Agricultural Equipment

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Coverage When You Need It

TrüNorth Global's standard program for commercial truck warranties covers five major components: engine, transmission, differential(s), turbo and aftertreatment. And there’s no waiting period. All warranties offer day-one coverage. 

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OOIDA Member Discount

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TrüNorth Global™ Limited Warranty Benefits

Don’t go another day without coverage! At TrüNorth Global™ we cover all makes and models of commercial vehicle and equipment, new & used. Our commitment remains the same to those who rely on us for outstanding program value and innovative technology solutions supported by the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, including:

·     24/7/365 live claims service
·     Multilingual call center assistance
·     Coverage for internally lubricated parts (see warranty agreement for more information)
·     Free TrüArmor™ Program that allows seamless Day 1 coverage from OEM Factory warranty expiration
·     Hybrid & Alternative fuel components covered in ALL engine packages
·     SuperAnnuated™ Program for lower mileage, older vehicles
·     Hydraulic, Hydrostatic, APU Packages and more
·     Major Castings Program

Available for Any Commercial Need

TrüNorth Global™ leading the heavy duty truck warranty coverage for Class 3-8 new & used vehicles.


TrüTow RoadSide Assistance

Have a Breakdown? Let TrüNorth Global™ get you to the closest Licensed Repair Facility

We have you Covered!

Our long-standing commitment to offering outstanding program value has enabled us to craft TrüNorth Global™ into the leading provider of commercial asset protection and transportation-related warranty programs and services worldwide. Buying a new truck or buying a used truck, we have you covered!

Every Customer is a Priority

Customer Service is important for a good experience. At TrüNorth Global™, we are driven to provide an excellent customer experience for all of our clients, including:

  • Independent Owner Operator
  • Fleet
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture 
  • Heavy Duty Truck Warranty
  • Medium Duty Truck Warranty
  • Used Truck Warranty

Designed with YOU in mind

Our Asset Protection keeps you on the road when you need it most.
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My family has been in trucking for 30 plus years and I can tell you, everyone in the industry is trying to make money off of truckers…..except TruNorth, they are actually trying to help drivers and certainly have helped my family. Thank you!
Devan Marks
TruNorth Global Customer
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Great service! All I had to do was make the one phone call, and the rest was taken care of. The small cost of this service line coverage is well worth it! Thank you!

Eva L. Jolly
TrüNorth Global Customer
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I never post reviews but I have to tell everyone that as a small business picking up loads when we can to make ends meet, TruNorth helped us beyond anything I could have ever asked for. My driver didn’t speak English and when he broke down called in and immediately had someone to talk with and help. I will always recommend TruNorth to everyone that has a truck.

Michael Riley
TrüNorth Global Customer
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We have had warranty with Premium and Truck Masters, not even close to the same. TruNorth people were fully committed to helping us even when the service center was dragging there feet. Strongly recommend TruNorth!
Nicholas Baker
TrüNorth Global Customer
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The leading used truck warranty prices in the market! You can't beat TrüNorth.

Mark Robinson
TrüNorth Global Customer
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Women In Trucking Discount
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Mobile App Perks

The TrüNorth Warranty™ Mobile App includes several perks that allow you to easily access your limited warranty. 


This Access Includes:

  • Warranty Status
  • Warranty Start Data & End Date
  • Warranty Terms
  • Truck Details(VIN, Odometer Reading at Start)
  • Covered Components
  • Full Warranty Document
  • TrüTow Coverage Information
  • Ability to Start a Claim and View Open Claims
  • Ability to Upload Maintenance Records

Get The Warranty Process Started

Enjoy Day 1 Coverage with TrüNorth Global™